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Eros Island was built over the course of 3 years, and thousands of man hours were put into creating the best possible virtual world for adults to enjoy. Eros Island is strictly for adult by adults and making sure our community is only adults is one of our main priorities by utilizing the VERYfy® Identity Services’ secure network as our exclusive verification provider!!

Our dedicated staff of programmer, graphics designer, 3D modelers and customer support agents are working around the clock to guarantee we have the best game out there. With our ever growing community and membership base the world is growing fast, by keeping up with technology and our users concerns we can provide the best possible experience for all. Our users comments and questions are always taken seriously and this helps ensure were staying ahead of the curve.

Customization, interaction and exploration are the 3 key things that make up Eros Island's backbone. Quality customer support and an easy to use interface add to our over experience. So download the Eros Island game now and let the fun begin.



***You MUST have the Intimacy Package to view Eros Island, Eros is not included in Premium**

To view Eros Island's Page, follow this link: