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The Intimacy Package is a completely seperate package from all 3Dchat's Memberships.

What does Intimacy include?

  1. Full access to Ero's Island
  2. Full access to the Strip Club
  3. All intimate actions

How do I purchase the Intimacy Package?

  1. To obtain Intimacy, you must have your account verified. Our verification system, VERYfy® Identity Services, VERYfy's you are over the age of 18. To VERYfy your account, you need to pay the $1.00 verification fee (one-time charge) on our webpage:
  2. You will need to make sure your 3Dchat account has atleast 1,500.00 Virtual Dollars. If your account does not have enough Virtual Currency you can purchase more by following this link: 
  3. You will need to enter Ero's Island/Strip Club and follow the nag screen's directions to make your purchase (make sure you have finished step 1 & 2 before purchasing)
  4. You will need to make sure your account has atleast $1500.00 Virtual Currency each month for the intimacy package charge, or your package will be cancelled. *Make sure your account has enough Virtual Currency or you will get a Transaction Error!*

Why is 3Dchat's Intimacy Package not included in the Premium Account?

3Dchat has to keep the Premium Membership and the Intimacy Package seperate due to the Terms of Service of our Payment Plans (DHD & PAYPAL).

The Intimacy Package is also a recurring MONTHLY charge, if you have enough Virtual Currency in your account (1500.00). If you do not have enough Virtual Currency, your recurring charge will be canceled and you will have to enter Ero's Island or the Strip Club again, to re-puchase for the next month.

*Make sure your account has enough Virtual Currency or you will get a Transaction Error!*

For more information on 3Dchat's Memberships, follow this link: